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Vangar The Hybrid Empty Vangar The Hybrid

Post by Vangar on Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:42 pm

Chapter One

       16 years of age.
       Vangar is a hybrid between a vampire and a shifter

Chapter Two
Vives has the ability to control Water. She very adept in doing this and can focus on two thing at once.
Human: Vives  is tall and slender, Standing at 5''5'and weighting 133 pounds. Her hair is black with light streaks brown throughout,it falls in waves down her back. She as piercing blue-gray eyes.  Most of the time you will find her in skinny jeans and tank tops. She is fair skinned with high cheek bones.
Wolf: Vives is as tall and lanky in her wolf form as she is in her human form, she stands 3.5 feet at the shoulder and weights 120 pounds. Her scales go from a deep royal blue to a light whitish green in direct sunlight. In the Shade her scales turn the deep royal blue and almost look black. At her snout and paws her scales are small and delicate, growing steadily larger going up her body. At the top of her spine is a ridge that is almost unnoticeable,running from the based of head to the tip of her tail. The tip of her tail is a shark fin, that provides thrust and speed making her very fast in the water.

Chapter Three
She is a transfer from another school

       Vies is an overall sarcastic person, usually making a snide or rude comment on impulse.   Due to this Vives can be very head strong and stubborn.This is wall she has put around herself, so as to not be hurt by other failing her. To those she knows well and underneath  her hard shell, you will find a very loving person, who hates conflict. She does not go looking for the company of others, and will usually keep to herself. Vives despises seeing destructive and negative relationships. Despite Her loner tendencies, if a large violent conflict occurs, Vives will go out of her way to resolve it, even if she doesn't resolve it successfully. Vives is very observant and is very intuitive of people's emotions and general personalities overall.

Chapter Four
Family Tree:
Fleuve- Mother
Saliver- Brother (Deceased, twin)

  Vives was born on the full moon in the middle of a lite rain. From the begin of her childhood, her parents doted more on her brother than her, despite this her and her twin were close, doing almost everything together. At times she felt the sting of being left out by her parents and her brother getting do things, that she "couldn't".Vives was 15 when her brother died, they were out in the middle of the river when a storm hit, the current grew strong very quickly. It swept them along at a fast pace. She helplessly watched as her brother fatally hit his head on a boulder. That day she lost her brother and more, her parents blamed her for their son's death and threw her out. Grieving and angry she found a place to reside with a friend,over a couple of months she became what most know her to be sarcastic person who would rather be alone. To get away from the memories and pain, she transferred to Mythic High.

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Vangar The Hybrid Empty Re: Vangar The Hybrid

Post by Chris on Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:50 pm

Very good, you may post a rp now.

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