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Shaelyn th Wildmage

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Shaelyn th Wildmage

Post by Shaelyn on Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:20 pm

~` The Basics `~

~Name: Shaelyn Garin
~Nicknames: Shae or Lyn
~Age: 17 years
~Gender: Female
~Grade: Junior

~` Physical `~

~Height: 5'4"
~Weight: 100 lb
~Eyes: Violet
~Hair: White
~Skin Tone: Pale
~Body Type: Shaelyn is a very fragile girl who is not very well endowed.
~Clothing: Shaelyn usually wears long shirts with tights and cute shoes, but sometimes she will walk around in sweats for a day or two.
~Accessories: Shaelyn has a hawk feather in her hair on the left side on her head.
~Tattoos/Scars/Piercing: None

~` Digging Deeper `~

~Personality: Shaelyn is very kind and sweet always helping others and being around them. Most of the time she loves being around other people even if all she does it sit on the edge and watch others smiling. Other times she is very intrusive and she only want to be alone with her animals.
~History: Shaelyn has a pretty simple history. She was born in a small town and lived with her parents and he little brother. She grew up normally until she was 12 years old when she started to talk to animals and became open about it. Her parents fearing for her safety sent her to this school. Her brother was suppose to join her, but he never developed Shaelyns power.
~Powers: Shaelyn is a wildmage, this means she has a deep connection with all animals. It also gives her an ability to speak to all animals, and to take their shape. She can also heal animals and bend the will of animals to her own (never uses this power).

~` Relationships `~

~Crush: None


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Re: Shaelyn th Wildmage

Post by Chris on Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:27 pm

Awesome hurry up and post in the rp were waiting,for hou

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